Granville County tax revaluation for 2018 has begun. Appraisers will be doing site visits at all Granville County properties. These site visits include all properties located in the city limits of Butner, Creedmoor, Oxford, Stem and Stovall as well as in the county. Appraisers, both male and female, will be driving up to and walking around all properties and taking pictures. The appraisers will place a door hanger on your door to let you know they visited your property.

How can appraisers be identified? Appraisers have magnetic signs on their vehicles that say “Granville Revaluation” and wear a badge with a picture that identifies them as “Granville County Contractors.” Appraisers will be carrying clipboards, cameras, measuring tapes or wheeled measuring sticks. If you have any questions, please call the Granville County Tax Office at 919-693-4181.

Debra A. Weary
Clerk to the Board
Assistant to the County Manager
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