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Stem began with the area known as Tally Ho and was a prime fox hunting territory in the 1700s. The Stem family were co-proprietors of a general store in the Tally Ho Township and owners of the land where the Richmond and Danville railroad met. Today, Stem is a thriving small town in the heart of Granville County, with easy access to Raleigh, Durham and the Research Triangle Park. Welcome to our Town!


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Halloween in Stem, NC 2020


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Thoughts after the Winter Storm 2/19/2021 @ 2:00pm- Good afternoon! Fortunately ice accumulation in Granville County was less than predicted and impacts were less severe than expected with this week’s winter storm. As we were out and about topping off fuel, testing equipment and inventorying supplies ahead of the recent winter storms, we saw many of our citizens doing the same. We appreciate everyone doing their part to ensure preparedness and safety for themselves and their loved ones! Remember to maintain your disaster preparedness efforts throughout the year. As our retired Director, Doug Logan, always said, “If you’re ready, you don’t have to GET ready!” Be alert: Most areas will see temperatures fall into the 20s overnight tonight. Any residual moisture on roadways across could freeze and lead to areas of black ice early Saturday morning. Use caution when traveling overnight and into the morning. Dry weather will develop across all areas by the afternoon and continue for the weekend with highs mostly in the 40s. Enjoy your weekend! Thank you, Robin Robin H. Edwards EM Coordinator Granville County Emergency Manageme

2/17/2021 @ 9:10pm- Not much change with the latest NWS briefing. Heavy icing, ¼” - ½“, predicted along and north of I-85 tonight through Thursday night. The first wave of precipitation is predicted to begin as rain after midnight tonight, transitioning over to freezing rain early Thursday morning and ending around noon Thursday. A second wave of freezing rain will redevelop Thursday evening confined along and north of I-85, thus the heavier ice accrual in that area. Precipitation will end overnight Thursday night. Friday morning temperatures will hover around freezing with potential for black ice. Temperatures should rise into the low 40’s by noon Friday. Widespread power outages and hazardous road conditions will be possible through this time period, especially across the Triad and north near the VA border. Trees that were weakened by last week’s storm will likely come down. Unnecessary travel should be avoided until road conditions improve. As a reminder, please do not call 911 to report power outages, report them to your electric service provider. Please have your emergency supplies together and have back-up plans in place to stay with friends or family outside of the impacted areas, or in a hotel, should your power remain out for an extended period of time. Remember to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices when you go to bed tonight. Please be alert and stay tuned to reliable weather sources such as the National Weather Service Raleigh for up to date information.

SGWASA Administrative Office & Walk Up Bill Pay Lobby to be Closed on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021 Due to Inclement Weather

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Looks like we are going to have some additional winter weather tonight and tomorrow. Here are some tips to be prepared: * Always keep at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food in your home. * Keep fresh batteries on hand for weather radios and flashlights. * Dress warmly. Wear multiple layers of thin clothing instead of a single layer of thick clothing. * Store an emergency kit in your vehicle. Include scraper, jumper cables, tow chain, sand/salt, blankets, flashlight, first aid kit and road map. * Prevent water pipes from freezing by wrapping them with insulation or newspaper covered with plastic. In really cold weather, let your faucets drip slightly to help avoid freezing. * Properly vent kerosene heaters and keep any electric generators outside and away from open windows or doors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Never burn charcoal indoors. * Use a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio to monitor for changing weather conditions. * Keep alternative heating sources and fire extinguishers on hand. Be sure your family knows how to use them. * Due to the use of alternative heating sources, house fires can be a real danger during winter storms, so make sure that every family member knows how to evacuate the home in the event of a fire. Make sure you and your family designate an outdoor meeting place if you do have to leave your home quickly because of a fire. Also make sure all smoke detectors are working properly and have fresh batteries. * Never touch a downed power line. Warn others to stay away, call 911 or alert your electric provider. * Charge mobile phones and other electronics. * Fill gas tanks on your vehicles and check antifreeze levels.

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Don’t forget to include pets in your emergency plans. To keep animals safe during winter weather: * Make an emergency supplies kit for your pet and include medical records, first aid kit, enough canned/dry food and water for three to seven days and pet travel bag or carrier * Do not leave pets outside for long periods of time * Ensure your pet has a well-fitting collar * Bring pets inside when temperatures drop below freezing * Move livestock and other animals to a sheltered location with food and water